Character Image: Hallan KrintuForce and Destiny

Hallan Krintu

The Jedi
Padawan, Knight

Cybernetic Right Leg

Species Features

  • Twi'leks may begin the game with one rank in Charm.

  • When making skill checks, Twi'leks may remove :eK: imposed due to arid or hot environmental conditions.

14 0
14 0
1 1
2 0
3 2 2 2 3 3
General Skills Career Rank
Astrogation (INT)
Athletics (BR)
Brawl (BR)
Charm (PR)
Coercion (WILL)
Computers (INT)
Cool (PR)
Coordination (AG)
Core Worlds (INT)
Deception (CUN)
Discipline (WILL)
Education (INT)
Gunnery (AG)
Leadership (PR)
Lightsaber (BR)
Lore (INT)
Mechanics (INT)
Medicine (INT)
Melee (BR)
Negotiation (PR)
Outer Rim (INT)
Perception (CUN)
Piloting - Planetary (AG)
Piloting - Space (AG)
Ranged - Heavy (AG)
Ranged - Light (AG)
Resilience (BR)
Skulduggery (CUN)
Stealth (AG)
Streetwise (CUN)
Survival (CUN)
Underworld (INT)
Vigilance (WILL)
Warfare (INT)
Xenology (INT)
Weapons Skill Damage Crit Range Qualities
Basic Lightsaber Hilt Lightsaber
6 2 Engaged





Hard Points: -/5


Cost: 9000

Rarity: 9000

Hard Points: -/5

Ilum Crystal

The kyber crystals found deep within the caves of the icy planet Hum were prized by the Jedi as some of the best crystals for constructing a lightsaber. Ilum featured heavily in Jedi tradition, with young Padawans traveling there as part of their training to commune with the Force and use its guidance to seek out the crystal that would go into the construction of their first lightsaber.

Models Include: None.

<font size=1>Please see page 197 of the Force and Destiny Core Rulebook for details.</font>



0 260 50 9 4
Critical Injury Difficulty Severity Description
Armor Soak Defense Qualities
Equipment and Gear Quantity Encumbrance Rarity Price
Jedi Utility Belt 1 - 8 1000

Jedi Utility Belt

Skilled artisans in the employ of the Jedi Order designed a utility belt for the use of Jedi Knights in the field centuries ago, incorporating a number of useful tools and items of fine manufacture. Jedi utility belts are visually nondescript, and the pouches worn on them, as well as the compartments within them, contain a number of useful items and tools. These utility belts were not worn by every Jedi Knight in the field, but many found them to be useful, so various iterations and models stayed in circulation throughout the centuries.

While Jedi utility belts found in circulation or on abandoned battlefields are typically empty, having long ago been picked over, Jedi caches have been known to contain Jedi utility belts that are still supplied. A Jedi utility belt contains a three-day supply of food capsules, an emergency medpac, a Jedi multitool, a slim glow rod, a comlink, and an aquata breather. A number of empty pouches are concealed along the belt's interior side, allowing the wearer to hide small items. In addition, a standard lightsaber can be securely hung from the belt for easy access.

In addition to potentially containing the supplies listed above, the Jedi utility belt increases the wearer's encumbrance threshold by 1.

<font size=1>Please see page 52 of the Keeping the Peace sourcebook for details.


Field Rations 3 - 2 10

Field Rations

The only features that distinguish field rations from standard ration packs are their awful taste and hyperinfusion of nutrients that allows a soldier to survive on a single ration for up to one week. The brown goop comes in flat packages and looks like nothing so much as digestive waste. Field rations can be heated by the thermal circuitry integrated in the packaging, and they can also be consumed cold. Soldiers report little difference in taste or enjoyment.

<font size=1>Please see page 58 of Dangerous Covenants for details.</font>


Emergency Medpac 1 1 1 100

Emergency Medpac

Medpacs are common even on those ships that do not engage in activities of dubious legality, for even those with little medical training can use the contents to treat injuries and save lives. Most ships carry several, and they are a common component in most survival gear. Standard medpacs contain field dressings, bacta patches, basic drugs, antiseptics, medical tools and knives, blood coagulators, synthflesh applicators, and more, all designed for ease of use and fast patient stabilization. The GLiS (General Life-Sustaining) also has a limited diagnostic scanner to monitor a patient's vital signs, and a computer that can provide treatment options. The intention of this medpac is to allow for basic first aid in the field.

Medpacs allow characters to attempt to heal others using Medicine checks without penalty, as detailed on page 219.

Models Include: Athakam MedTech Survival Medpac, Chiewab GLiS Emergency Medpac.

<font size=1>Please see page 176 of Edge of the Empire for details.</font>


Lightsaber Maintenance Kit 1 2 3 450

Weapon Maintenance Kit

Produced by every major galactic arms manufacturer, and by many general tool and instrument makers, weapon maintenance kits are essential for keeping portable weapons operating under field conditions. Typically designed for a specific class of weapon - blasters, slugthrowers, disruptors, stun weapons, vibro weapons, air rifles, etc.- weapon maintenance kits include everything an individual needs to keep a weapon in top operating condition. For example, a kit for blasters might contain a small, basic precision toolkit, a circuit tester, galven pattern repair jig, fusion solder, cleaning solutions, extra lenses, and space cylinder of Tibanna gas. These tools are usually carried in a small roll or case to keep them together and organized.

When purchasing one of these kits, the player must specify the kit type (blaster, slugthrower, etc.). Each provides :eB::eB: to any Mechanics checks made to repair, maintain, or modify a weapon, but only for that specific class of weapon.


Glow Rod 1 1 - 10

Glow Rod

A glow rod is a hand-held light source that illuminates an area in a directional beam. A common device with many different styles, each operates with an internal chemical power source or a small rechargeable power cell.

Models Include: Numerous Variants.

<font size=1>Please see page 181 of Edge of the Empire for details.</font>


A99 Aquata Breather 1 - 7 100

A99 Aquata Breather

The aquata breather is a small device consisting of two small tanks connected to a mouthpiece. It provides its user with up to two hours of breathable air, and it especially useful in subaquatic environments. Most Jedi Knights who could not naturally breathe water took aquata breathers with them on their missions, even if they did not predict aquatic travel.

While the aquata breather is an incredibly useful survival tool, it is also designed to be entirely disposable. Once the two hour air supply is used, it cannot be recharged.

<font size=1>Please see page 52 of the Keeping the Peace sourcebook for details.


Stimpack 1 - 1 25


Stimpacks are auto-injection tubes filled with medicine, bacta, and painkillers. They are field-ready emergency health recovery products, and useful for quick healing in the field. There are countless makers of stimpacks, from Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals to Athakam MedTech.

It takes a maneuver for a character to inject a stimpack in himself or another..Stimpacks are one-use items, and automatically heal 5 wounds. Characters can use stimpacks more than once, but each use heals one less wound (so the second use heals four, the third use heals three, and so on). The sixth stimpack heals no wounds—the character is already oversaturated with the medicine for it to have any effect. It takes a day for the character's body to process the stimpacks and for him to be able to use them at full effectiveness. See page 220 for more information.

Models Include: Numerous Variants.

<font size=1>Please see page 177 of Edge of the Empire for details.</font>


Cybernetic Leg (Mod II) 1 - 6 10000

Cybernetic Leg (Mod II)

BioTech's expertise with replacing natural limbs into superior cybernetics also extends to legs. For those with the credits, the loss of such limbs does not have to mean any loss of ability and can even lead to greater mobility than before. Advanced models such as the Mod II can offer greater power, while the Mod III uses computer-guided gyroscopic implants for superior quickness.

Note that cyberlegs must be purchased as a pair. Mod II Cyberlegs provide + 1 Brawn, while the Mod III provides + 1 Agility. The wearer must have both legs replaced to receive the bonus to his characteristics.

Models Include: BioTech Industries Cyberlegs Mod II and Mod III.

<font size=1>Please see page 173 of Edge of the Empire for details.</font>


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