Character Image: CT-4547 "Hawk"Force and Destiny

CT-4547 "Hawk"

The Clone Soldier
ARC Trooper

Torn left ear.

16 0
14 0
1 1
3 3 2 3 2 2
General Skills Career Rank
Astrogation (INT)
Athletics (BR)
Brawl (BR)
Charm (PR)
Coercion (WILL)
Computers (INT)
Cool (PR)
Coordination (AG)
Core Worlds (INT)
Deception (CUN)
Discipline (WILL)
Education (INT)
Gunnery (AG)
Leadership (PR)
Lightsaber (BR)
Lore (INT)
Mechanics (INT)
Medicine (INT)
Melee (BR)
Negotiation (PR)
Outer Rim (INT)
Perception (CUN)
Piloting - Planetary (AG)
Piloting - Space (AG)
Ranged - Heavy (AG)
Ranged - Light (AG)
Resilience (BR)
Skulduggery (CUN)
Stealth (AG)
Streetwise (CUN)
Survival (CUN)
Underworld (INT)
Vigilance (WILL)
Warfare (INT)
Xenology (INT)
Weapons Skill Damage Crit Range Qualities
0 250 40 8 7
Critical Injury Difficulty Severity Description
Armor Soak Defense Qualities
Equipment and Gear Quantity Encumbrance Rarity Price
Jet Pack 1 2 7 4500

Jet Pack

A jet pack is ideal for fast maneuverability and surprise attacks. Most use small thrusters to blast into the air for short periods, though some augment this with antigrav devices. Their only drawbacks are their large size and weight, limited fuel, and the not inconsiderable skill needed to pilot them safely.

The Z-6 uses an air-breathing jet turbine to propel the user, maintaining stability via directional exhaust nozzles and a gyro-stabilizer. The pilot uses a verbal control interface and wrist controls to fly the jet pack.

A jet pack allows a person to function as a Silhouette 1, Speed 2, Handling 0, System Strain Threshold 3 vehicle that can only operate in atmosphere, and requires Piloting (Planetary) to operate.

Models Include: Mitrinomon Z-6 Jet Pack.

<font size=1>Please see page 181 of Edge of the Empire for details.</font>


Crash Survival Kit 1 5 2 300

Crash Survival Kit

While life is usually controlled and comfortable, there are many times when physical survival becomes an issue. A forced landing might strand a crew deep in Tatooine's deserts, or a speeder failure could result in extended durations in glacial snow. Most ships, especially smaller ones such as fighters and escape pods, contain kits to help ensure survival until rescue or repair. Pretormin Environmental (a company specializing in exploration and survival gear) makes a popular model of survival kit small enough to fit into an escape pod or snubfighter. Their contents include a thermal cloak, multipurpose knife, distress beacon, two emergency comlinks, wire spool, ration bars, basic medpac (equivalent of the GLiS Emergency Medpac), two respirators, water filter and jug, glow rod, 50 meters of high strength microfiber, ten ration packs, and a flare gun. Some pirates would augment their kits with compact blasters or other weapons, knowing that often their enemies will also be eagerly searching for them, although Pretormin Environmental doesn't equip their kits with weapons as standard.

Models Include: Pretormin Environmental Crash Survival Kit.

<font size=1>Please see page 180 of Edge of the Empire for details.</font>


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